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MLM Software for Companies and Startups

Are you...

  • Starting a new MLM business on a limited budget?
  • Searching for MLM software with UK based support?
  • Looking for a solution that grows with your business and income?
  • Paying too much for an existing MLM solution?
  • "Getting by" with spreadsheets or unsophisticated databases?

We can offer a number of different approaches to suit your business
and budget:


Option 1: "Bureau" solution

Ideal for small start-ups with limited funds and simple needs. The first rung on the MLM ladder.

  • Talk to us about your compensation plan
  • You install our PC-based software client
  • You enter agent details and build genealogy
  • You record orders/purchases
  • You submit your data to us each month
  • Agent commission statements returned in 24 hrs
  • Smooth transition to more sophisticated solutions when your volumes and budget justify.

Option 2: "Independent" solution

For existing MLM companies and new start-ups who need more control and sophistication.

  • Talk to us about your compensation plan
  • Install our corporate MLM start-up software
  • You enter agent details and build genealogy
  • You record orders/purchases
  • You generate commission statements on demand
  • You deliver those statements to your agents - by email, post or upload to web site
  • Smooth transition to web-integrated solutions

Option 3: "Custom" solution

All our corporate solutions will provide the following:

  • Agent database with genealogy management
  • Flexible compensation plan support
  • Commission statement production
  • Distributor mailings / e-mail

But you may need more than the back-office facilities offered by our "Bureau" & "Independent" solutions. We can also offer:

  • Integration with / provision of shopping carts
  • On-line agent/consultant registration
  • Replicated agent web sites
  • On-line agent access to personal data
  • Web design & document design

What Next?

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