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UpLine Software for Network Marketing (MLM) distributors - detailed product description

Contact management

Your contacts are customers, distributors in your upline & downline and prospects (i.e. prospective customers or members of your downline). Management of these contacts is crucial to the success of your business and is a key feature of UpLine.

  • Easy to sort/group by contact name, type, postcode or other criteria
  • Define your own contact fields
  • Mailings & e-mail batches based on Word documents
  • Print drop-off slips to accompany catalogues
  • View or print your downline genealogy chart
UpLine contact window

The UpLine diary has the following features:

  • Record details of upcoming events
  • Record outcome of telephone calls, meetings etc
  • Build an on-line journal of business activity
  • Define recurring events e.g. annual, monthly, weekly
  • Link diary entries to contacts in your database
  • View all upcoming events in forward diary

The diary (described above) plays an important role in planning but planning for growth and applying discipline to your day's work or our week's activities can be just as important. To this end UpLine includes the following facilities:

  • Build & store fictional 'what if' downline growth scenarios
  • Stored details can include names, points, income, bonus
  • Use to illustrate growth possibilities to potential 'recruits'
  • Or use to make projections for an existing downline
  • Print the projections - e.g. as genealogy chart
  • Use checklists feature to manage simple to do lists
  • Generate & re-use schedules to manage your time efficiently
Sample genealogy chart

While your network may offer convenient on-line ordering facilities, you can use UpLine's own Orders module to:

  • Maintain a record of orders and related income for tax & analysis purposes
  • Report on popularity of products or catalogues
  • Identify good and bad customers
  • Help target special offers to customers with particular buying habits
  • Print an attractive copy of the order for your records or to pass to your customer or supplier
  • Merge customer orders into a single collated supplier order
  • Generate catalogues from PDF files or other sources 1
  • Generate catalogues 'on the fly' as you build orders
  • Help plan deliveries by defining delivery zones
Sample order document
Viewing & Reporting

Storing information is only one side of the coin. You need to be able to access the data, sort it, group it and print it. UpLine has a host of tools to help - including:

  • Over 50 built-in reports & outputs
  • Ability to request reports for specific date ranges
  • Pre-formatted documents used for special contact document production
  • Navigate and view data 'spreadsheet-style' - you select the columns you want to see
  • Sort on virtually any combination of columns
  • Save the view you have defined for future use
  • Many such 'views' are pre-shipped with the software for your convenience
  • Print the data as per the currently applied 'view'
Sample reports

1Some facilities will depend on your network. If there is sufficient demand to provide support for other file formats, we will consider implementing templates to support these.